Bread Knife

Bread Knife

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This Bread Knife is made from best Stainless Steel, Roger Sthal certified, and can cut through any loaf, fruit or frozen food with its deep serrated blade.


  • 8 Inches to handle most breads and easily handles all fruit and vegetables
  • The hand finished serrated edge can handle frozen foods with ease
  • The Bread Knife is in one solid form and as such will not break or crack, like some other knifes with handles do.
  • Of course its dishwasher safe (unlike some other knives with handles out there), but, you’ll only need to wipe it down between usages.
  • Roger Sthal’s own brand and is acid etched to the blade.


This Bread Knife took forever source as it’s a unique design and made from Stainless Steel, after we made the Pakka wood knife in our collection we needed one that similarly stood out but was in one piece, a knife of distinction!

This knife is hand finished and easily cuts through more or less anything with its deep serrated edge, which can prove to be a real feature when you need it.

Polished to the nth degree and to regain its blade lustre the only thing you need to add is a little olive oil for it to sparkle.


This blade IS NOT for SALE to underage you have to be 18 or higher to buy any of our blades.