Bread Knife, bamboo

Bread Knife, bamboo

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Bamboo Bread Knife showing the strength of bamboo as a wood type and is a fully functional bread knife, cake knife

The finest bamboo wood has been used for this and the Hand Finish bread knife is a talking point at any party

Grip is fully bonded so not to crack or part from the actual cutting edge.

Perfect as a present or as a dinner, celebration party talking point.

Great as a Cake Knife, Bread Knife or even as a Play dough knife


Made from the finest bamboo this bread knife will last for a very long time and at the same time show anyone the strength and utility of bamboo wood.

We found this excellent bread knife during our travels in the orient and have become the sole importers, hence our Roger Sthal logo on the blade.

All UK stock so no 3 weeks waiting to get your hands on it.

We do recommend that you hand wash this one!