Bread Knife, Cake Knife, Stainless Steel, Ultra Durable (Pakka) Hard Wood Handle

Bread Knife, Cake Knife, Stainless Steel, Ultra Durable (Pakka) Hard Wood Handle

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RESTAURANT QUALITY – This Bread Knife is also sold to restaurants that demand the very best in fine looking knives, sharpness and usefulness, durability, long last and quality.

Weight of nearly double everyone else at 200 grams, this is a SOLID knife which has the Roger Sthal quality mark etched on its blade!

SOLID Pakkawood Handle – the wood handle has been fused under high pressure and temperature with resin using carefully selected hardwoods both domestic and foreign creating a Beautiful, Strong and ultra Durable part!

The STAINLESS STEEL BLADE continues in one part through the handle making it almost like one single tool, this knife will not crack or come apart in a hurry.

The SERRATED edge is of the finest finish, which means that this blade is sharp, but still hold that bread knife look and feel, cutting bread or cake with this knife is now a thing of pleasure.

Completely dishwasher safe, even though you only need to wipe it down after you cut bread with it and guarantees, if there is a problem we will refund no questions asked.


With the blade (8” blade) Forged and treated at High Temperature it’s easy to see why this is a choice Restaurant Knife! The Quality of its grip and the blade makes this a proud addition to any kitchen and the Etched Roger Sthal emblem lets everyone know this is one of distinction!

The Handle has been placed inside the full metal surround and high temperature epoxy resin has infused to make sure that it stays intact. This Wood Handle does not crack or fall off easily! It’s almost like the knife grew its own handle and is as unique as a fingerprint.

Further on, the handle is as hygienic as it gets, the polished surface and the bond between the blades and the handles deter all possible ways for food to get trapped, hence, restaurants love this bread knife just as much as you will.

Comes in its own white box with a tip protector added for your and its transport protection.

It is dishwasher safe and made for everyday usage and is an excellent choice for your kitchen tool set.