Bread Knife Kit, Stainless Steel Hard Wood Handle, Restaurant quality and Bits

Bread Knife Kit, Stainless Steel Hard Wood Handle, Restaurant quality and Bits

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RESTURANT QUALITY – This Bread Knife is also sold to restaurants that demand the very best in fine looking knives, sharpness and usefulness, durability, long last and quality. You have it all here

BAMBOO CAKE KNIFE – Comes with A Hand Made and Finished Bamboo Cake knife which is an essential talking point for any party or occasion, a perfect companion with this Bread Knife.

BAMBOO Cutting / Chopping BOARD – we have included a hard Bamboo cutting chopping board with a proper hanging ring, as you would expect from any Roger Sthal item, after all, a good cutting board is needed with a Bread Knife like this.

BAMBOO Place Mats – included are 4 high grade Bamboo Place Mats with open edges allowing for easy cleaning!

ALL PRESENTED - in a Nice White packet with the Roger Sthal Logo of Quality prominently displayed and can make for a real thoughtful new home makers, home moving, Christmas or any occasion Gift.


With the blade (8” blade) Forged and treated at High Temperature it’s easy to see why this is a choice Restaurant Knife! The Quality of its grip and the blade makes this a proud addition to any kitchen and the Etched Roger Sthal emblem lets everyone know this is one of distinction!

The Handle has been placed inside the full metal surround and high temperature epoxy has infused to make sure that it stays intact this does not crack or fall off easily! It’s almost like the knife grew its own handle and as unique as a fingerprint.


To compliment this knife we have added a range of other items such as:

The High Quality Bamboo Cutting Chopping board, this one comes with a hand attached quality hanging ring, not of the cheap variety!

The Bamboo Cake knife (8” blade), the Roger Sthal lasered bamboo knife simply begs to be talked about and it’s simple to see why, Bamboo is a great overall material and to have a knife made of it, simply stunning!

The Bamboo Placemats, well, we had to add them, these are the ones that do NOT have a cloth stitched to the sides as that cloth makes those mats impossible to keep clean. This variety makes cleaning the placemat a simple swipe and done deal!

This is a perfect Kitchen Gift, or Moving in Gift as it ticks all the right gift boxes, anyone would be overjoyed to get this as it’s also a fully functional set and not a traditional gift.