Flashlight UTX-5 for Work, Camping, Fishing, Climbing, Surviving and Hobby

Flashlight UTX-5 for Work, Camping, Fishing, Climbing, Surviving and Hobby

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A quick summary of what this thing can do!

check out the Video:

1 – An Ultra Bright Torch, for its small handheld size its beam is fantastic.

2 – Its Zoomable which makes it even more versatile.

3 – It has a White Diffuser Cup, which makes it into a brilliant lantern.

4 – It has a Red Diffuser Cup which makes it brilliant as a Warning or Covert light.

5 – It has an ultra powerful magnet which makes this torch into:

  • A perfect work torch
  • A perfect lantern for:
    • Emergency Use
    • Camping
    • Inside a tent
    • Simply hanging in a tree!

6 – It has 5 different light modes 3 off which is great to save power and 2 which is fantastic for any emergency, just point it up into a tree and you can see this torch for miles away.

7 – A USB power interface cable to charge you mobile phone if it runs out of power! Just this one feature could be a potential life saver.

10 – Comes with three metal rings for three uses:

  • Tent roof holder
  • Rope Holder and Leaf holder
  • Heavy Duty Holder

8 –Fully rechargeable ultra long lasting battery, of course, a UK Charger.

9 – A converter to use normal batteries if you can't charge it.

12 – A Car Charger.

13 – A Holster with carry ring / hook point for emergencies, with two levels for belt attachments.

 14 – 3, yes 3 different wristbands here to make sure that you can use this torch for any purpose.

15 – A Tactical edge for self-defense coupled with the bright light that will blind anyone temporarily, even during daylight!

16 – its very VERY water resistant!

And, finally, it comes in a beautiful Roger Sthal presentation case with its own user guide and manual, for this torch you’ll need it!

Another point to note is that the green band signifies a civilian use of this torch, this green band is black on the military one and that’s the only difference!