Roger Sthal Wrist Strap – camo paracord with survival buckle, detachable, 2 pack

Roger Sthal Wrist Strap – camo paracord with survival buckle, detachable, 2 pack

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A HEAVY DUTY Wrist Strap for Cameras, Camcorder, Torches and Binoculars

MADE FOR CAMPING and Foreign Travel with a survival 5 in 1 buckle

Cameo coloured paracord to not give away you position to wildlife

Emergency use Paracord for snared and survival

ATTACHMENT cord in two parts so fits as many different types of Cameras Torches and Camcorders as we could find!

A tried and tested Roger Sthal Wrist Strap that has been perfected over many trips and travels, both foreign and domestic we have to say.

The 5 in 1 survival buckle contain, a flint and metal fire starter, a small knife, a rudimentary compass and a loud whistle and enough paracord to make a difference if you need it!

The Paracord is also Camo coloured to make sure that its not seen when used with a camera or camcorder.

The buckle can also be separated from the main Wrist Strap, and we have included two of them, this means that you can attach the receiving ends on two parts such as a mono pole and a camera and switch your wristband to each one with a simple squeeze of the buckle. Immensely useful when you have more than one piece of expensive equipment to look after in the jungle.

The attachment cord is also in two parts so the smaller holes like for torches and smaller cameras can also easily be attached to the main cord, the thicker cord offers more weight support and can, again, easily be attached to the main buckle!

This is a all in one solution to travelling camping enthusiasts that want to feel that their equipment is safely attached to them AND comes with the added bonus of being a complete survival kit.

One thing, DO pack this away during flights!