The Pizza Oven made by Smart called The Pizza Maker

The Pizza Oven made by Smart called The Pizza Maker

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Pizza Maker Oven, perfect pizzas every time


Unbelievable easy to use, it can bake home-made or frozen pizzas in only a few minutes, thanks to the high cooking temperature.

See out video: Making some pizzas in the Pizza Oven made by Smart called The Pizza Maker – Our Pizza Oven Tutorial - 4K



The SMART Pizza Maker / Oven comes with a stone cooking surface that give that authentic cooking to any pizza!

It also comes with a deep pan metal dish that not only cook’s pizzas but can also be used for other oven based cooking recipes such as fries or indeed making a fresh omelette.


  • The secret to cooking a great pizza is all in the stone.
  • It absorbs heat and distributes it giving you an even crispy base.
  • Without a doubt it's the magic ingredient in the Stone bake grill.
  • With fast twin elements (top and bottom) you get consistently crispy pizzas and evenly cooked toppings
  • Watch the pizza cook through the viewing window as it rotates!
  • 12" Round Cooking Stone
  • 12" Round Grill Base
  • 12 Months Warranty


Super attractive retro red design

Pizza oven with timer, temperature control AND heating element control, giving you the ultimate in cooking flexibility.

Stone cooking surface (31cm diameter)

Thermostat with detailed degree setting

Glass window so you can see the cooking progress first hand!

Dimensions: 31.5cm x 37.5cm x 25cm (high)

Temperature range from 10 to 250 degree Celsius which makes it IDEAL to use as a oven for other cooking purposes as well

The ONLY pizza oven that can claim do so!

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